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A List of Junk items and what drops them.
Junk items, are items dropped by various monsters, that are sellable to certain NPCs.

A List of Junk items.[]

Chain Armor.gif Chain Armor 100 gp
Axe.gif Axe 25 gp
Brass Helmet.gif Brass Helmet 45 gp
Battle Axe.gif Battle Axe 70 gp
Halberd.gif Halberd 400 gp
Battle Shield.gif Battle Shield 150 gp
Mace.gif Mace 30 gp
Studded Shield.gif Studded Shield 50 gp
Broadsword.gif Broadsword 200 gp
Steel Shield.gif Steel Shield 120 gp
Battle Hammer.gif Battle Hammer 50 gp
Two Handed Sword.gif Two Handed Sword 500 gp
Hatchet.gif Hatchet 20 gp
Bow.gif Bow 100 gp
Sword.gif Swords 20 gp
Crossbow.gif Crossbow 150 gp
Longsword.gif Longsword 50 gp
Brass Shield.gif Brass Shield 50 gp
Morning Star.gif Morning Star 200 gp

Trash NPC Buyer (Mike)[]

Mike, born and raised in Sonia, loves to buy the junk from fellow adventurers.

Haveing been an adventurer in the past, he knows what it feels like to always be broke and have no cash, that's why he has dedicated his life to buying adventurers junk.

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