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Beholders are a race of magical creatures that live mostly underground. They are easily recognizable by the the multiple eyes they have attached to tentacles.

Beholders are very wise and have no respect for the intelligence of humans or other creatures. They speak a language called 469, which is comprised entirely of numbers, and it has never been decyphered by any other race. They do not have respect for other races, but are rather concerned about the magical abilities that Minotaur Mages have acquired.

Beholders have some knowledge of necromancy, but they haven't mastered the art as well as other Necromancers. In spite of this fact, they have other powerful magic abilities that they use to assault their enemies.


Name Exp Hp Loot
Beholder Beholder.gif 680 170 0-60 gp, Bag, Longsword, Morning Star, Wooden Shield, Spellbook, Steel Shield, Two Handed Sword, Beholder shield (rare)
Elder Beholder Elder Beholder.gif 1120 500 0-105 gp, Longsword, Morning Star, Steel Shield, Two-Handed Sword, beholder shield
Braindeath Braindeath.gif 3940 1225 0-90gp, Beholder shield, Magma coat (very rare), Crown armor (Very rare), two handed sword, mana rune(s), longsword, morning star,
Gazer Gazer.gif 360 120 0-? gp