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Armor Set Helmet Looted From Armor Looted From Legs Where to loot Shields Looted From Total Armor Total buff Jewelry
Brass Set

Brass Helmet.gif

Brass Helmet

Starter Set Brass Armor.gif Brass Armor Starter Set Brass Legs.gifBrass Legs Starter set Brass Shield.gif n/a 18 3% protection against physica


Plate Helmet Orc Berserker, Wyvern Plate Armor.gifPlate Armor Orc Leader, Mummy, Crypt Shambler Plate Legs.gifPlate Legs Orc Leader, Dragon, Dragon Hatchling N/A N/A 21 6% protection against physical


Dwarven Set Dwarven Helmet Minotaur Mage Dwarven Armor.gifDwarven Armor Dragon Hatchling Dwarven Legs.gifDwarven Legs Cyclops Smith N/A N/A 24 9% protection against physical


Knight Set Knight helmet Vampire Knight Armor.gifKnight Armor

Giant Spider


Knight Legs.gifKnight Legs



N/A N/A 27 12% protection against physical


Crown set Crown helmet Dragon, The Devourer Crown Armor.gifCrown armor The devourer Crown Legs.gifCrown legs The Devourer N/A N/A 30 15% protection against physical


Dark Knight Set Dark Helmet Black Knight Dark Armor.gifDark Armor Black Knight N/A Black Knight Medusa Shield Black Knight 45 12% protection against physical + 150 HP

Dragonbone Amulet

Archer Set Archer Mask Elf Ranger, Elf Archer Archer Armor Elf Ranger, Elf archer Boots of Haste Elf Ranger, Elf Archer Total skills given 9 distance 20
Terra Hood Starting Set Terra Armor Starting Set Terra Legs Starting Set Total skills given 3 magic level 10
3 Magic Level
Glaicer Set Glacier Mask Store Glacier Robe Store Glacier Kilt Store Total skills given 6 Magic Level 13
6 Magic Level
Lightning Set Lightning Mask Orc Shaman Lightning Armor Minotaur Mage Lighting Legs Vampire, Xena the Mad Total skills given 9 Magic Level 16
9 Magic Level
Magma Set Magma Monocles Dragon, Xena the Mad Magma Armor Xena the Mad Magma Legs Xena the Mad Total skills given 12 Magic Level 19
12 Magic Level

Patch 1.2.6 armor sets *Knights only*[]

Armor set First Piece Looted from Second piece Looted From Third Piece Looted from Fourth Piece

Looted from

Fifth Piece Looted from Total buff Bouns Health Total armor
Dragon set Dragon Necklace Sacred Tree Amulet.gif Dragon lord Dragon scale helmet Dragon Scale Helmet.gif Dragon lord Dragon scale mail Dragon Scale Mail.gif Dragon lord Dragon scale legs Dragon Scale Legs.gif Dragon lord Dragon scale boots Crocodile Boots.gif Dragon lord

24% physical damage reduction

+20 haste

485 70
Demon set Demon Necklace Shockwave Amulet.gif Demon Demon helmet Demon Helmet.gif Demon Demon armor Demon Armor.gif Demon Demon legs Demon Legs.gif Demon Demon boots Firewalker Boots.gif Demon

.+16 axe/sword/club

+20 haste

50 67